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August 10, 2017 | Volume 2: Issue 32
Sunday, August 13, 2017  
Speaker's Hall - 8:30 & 10:00 

The Gospel of Mark is action packed. Centered in Galilee where Jesus began His ministry. It was the earliest and most chronological. Most likely written between 65-70 AD. It follows Jesus until He makes His way to Jerusalem. 

Pastor London's First message from Mark's Gospel...

                                     "Light Up The World"
                                                 Mark 1:1-8

Bring your cell phone, we will make some light in ol' Speaker's Hall You are light!

IN ADDITION: COMMUNION - Celebrating The Lord's Supper

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               "Being Mindful "

A few Sundays ago, I preached from I Thessalonians, Chapter 5. Included in that chapter was a little used phrase. We were admonished by Paul to be "mindful of one another". In other words let the the Holy Spirit bring to you those who may need some extra love or attention.

For starters we must be mindful of our family, especially our grandchildren. I try to make contact with "my four" a lot, but pray for them everyday. Just think, you might be the only one thinking and praying for your kids - they love hearing from Papa.

Your next door neighbors. You run into them often while taking the trash out or picking up the newspaper. It would be amazing if we could see inside our neighbor's lives, and catch a glimpse of what they were dealing with. A short, meaningful conversation could go a long way in helping that person "open-up a bit."

The person in the next pew. I am not sure all that goes on before and after church at Friendship, but I do know there is a lot of talking and laughing going on. The problem is you can sit beside someone for years in church and never really get to know them. I know it is scary, but what if you could ask that person, "Is there anything I could pray with you about this week." You might be that answer to someone's need. Well I think you get my point; to be mindful of someone means their place in your heart might mean something very important. One definition of the word mindful says,
     "Being mindful means paying close attention to or being    
      especially conscious of something." (or somebody)
I try very hard to be mindful of you. Thank you for being mindful of me.

- Pastor HB

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Precious People at Friendship Church

The relationship between Friendship Church and King's Schools is unlike any other I have ever seen or heard of in the entire world of Christian education. This kind of support just doesn't happen between two independent ministries...except when it involves Friendship Church. After receiving two $25,000 gifts Sunday before last to support our "Every Child Deserves" Scholarship Program, I was, again overwhelmed with gratitude to our great God for the amazing generosity of the people at Friendship Church. I wish there were other words in our vocabulary that captured how sincerely grateful we are here at King's Schools. The reason I get so emotional is because of the direct impact that your generosity has on the students you support. It's absolutely life-changing...every single day. Your latest gift will provide the needed support for an additional 22 students to receive over 1,250 hours of Christ-centered instruction this next school year. Think about how their lives will be enhanced and how this world will be changed... because of your generosity! With this latest gift of $50,000, Friendship Church will have given $330,000 and sponsored 146 students since our relationship began back in 2009 (see history below). The most exciting impact, and the most important, is seen in students who are coming into a personal and loving relationship with their Creator as they come to understand and experience His unconditional love for them through their study of His vast creation. That's the value...the beauty...and the impact of a distinctively Christian education that your gift provides for the deserving students at King's Schools. That is, indeed, life-changing.

Thank you Friendship Church. Thank you, Anonymous Donor. Thank you, HB and the Mission's Committee. Thank you, Lord. We will be forever grateful for your generous support.
Don DeLair

P.S. The origin of our relationship with Friendship Church is nothing short of a miracle. It started in 2009 when one of our employees struck up a conversation with a gentleman from your church, (Mr. Brown) while standing line for the Antique Road Show. Mr Brown was invited to attend one of our monthly Lasting Legacy Tours where he met some of our amazing students and experienced what many have described as an "anointing" on our campus. After his visit, Mr. Brown invited some of the leadership from Friendship Church to our next tour and they, too, caught a glimpse of the vision that is so unique to King's Schools. The next thing we knew, we were invited to make a presentation to the Missions Committee where we asked Friendship Church to consider becoming a sponsor through the "Every Child Deserves" Scholarship Program. That presentation resulted in $60,000 being given to King's Schools for scholarships that year and the rest, as they say, is history...all because of a conversation that started in the line of the Antique Road Show. The moral of the story? You never know who you're standing next to and how God may use them for His kingdom purposes. Wow! God is so good!


Every year Friendship Church donates backpacks for kids to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission. On Tuesday, Gene Vincent and Ron Evans delivered 90 filled backpacks to CVRM in Indio. Thank you to all who participated in this project. Your generosity is so appreciated by CVRM.


Saturday, September 23, 2017 - GOSPEL SONG CONCERT
Robert B. Moore Theatre, Orange Coast College at 2:00pm

FRIENDSHIP CHURCH will have a bus trip to this concert in Orange County if we can get 30 people interested. Bus will depart from Sun City Palm Desert Mountain View Clubhouse at 11:30 am.
Cost:$65.00 per person - includes: bus, concert tickets, snacks and water on the bus and a box dinner.
Call Ramona at the church office for reservations - 760-260-8640


Bible Studies:


Prayer Requests

Pray for Dawn Rehfeld who is recuperating after surgery.

Pray for Linda Giles who is suffering with back pain.

Pray or Charlene Sherfey who is recuperating from shoulder surgery.

Pray for Burt Sike suffering with Bone marrow cancer.

Pray for Carol Russakow who had back surgery yesterday.

Pray for Mary Dionne who is having Carpel tunnel surgery today.

Pray for Dave & Eleanor Hansen's grandson, Zachary and his wife, Elyse for peace and calm as they face complications with her pregnancy and their unborn child.

Continued prayer for Donna Pomeroy, Kathy Boyd, Ray & Roberta Allbritton and Pastor HB.

Prayer Ministry

Between service prayer:

Each Sunday in the Palm Rm. (across the hall) at approx.9:30, couples and singles meet for 15-20 minutes of prayer prior to the service. 
We believe in the power of prayer.

If you have a prayer need, or would like to be prayed for
you are welcome to join them.

Our ministry is primarily focused on personal prayers for our congregational family and friends.

We'd love to have you come to pray with us as often as you're free to do so.
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August Services Schedule
Speaker's Hall at 8:30 & 10:00
Sunset View Clubhouse

For those of you who want to order flowers for the altar please stop by Hospitality Center or call the church office -  760-260-8640

Each arrangement is $50 inclusive of tax.
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